Life Changes

Navigating Stress Surrounding Life Transitions

Time brings change. And for most of us that sometimes means seasons of suffering — change within ourselves or change within our loved ones. Change is often painful in one specific way or another; and, because it seems to happen outside of our control, change is almost always anxiety-producing. Nobody's immune. We are all faced with fleeting moments or even protracted seasons of suffering. These times seem to stretch us to our very limit, and then push us beyond it. One person remarked, "I feel like I begin every day with a small shot of poison that keeps me feeling pretty awful most all the time. And I've lost so much that the sum-total of myself that's left feels almost entirely different from the somebody I used to be."

But part of enduring the storm is seeing it pass. Eventually the clouds will clear. The blue sky will again refresh your soul, and hope and happiness will return from their slumber. Time brings change.

Those of us who have journeyed from here to there, who have traversed the season of suffering and have had to face the brunt of the storm know, however, that time does not heal all wounds. Loneliness can be the cruelest form of torture time has to inflict upon a human being in suffering. Thus, the greatest gift we can receive in some of the hardest moments of our lives is a person   a person to walk with us to the other side of the storm.

At the Behavioral Wellness Clinic, psychotherapy is about more than reducing symptom-severity and increasing human functionality. Its about more than employing evidence-based interventions to meaningfully reduce human suffering. The practice of professional psychology necessarily aims at treating psychopathology in specific and measurable ways. This means that evidence-based interventions are employed in treatment to target specific sets of symptoms and alleviate psychopathology. But at the Behavioral Wellness Clinic, psychotherapy is about caring for people past the point of simple symptom-reduction. Life reaches beyond the symptoms and transcends the season of suffering. And people are more than their diagnostic codes and the sum-total of their pain. Psychotherapy, at the bottom, is about a human relationship: one person showing sincere and skillful care for another. Its about being a person in the room, a person to walk with you to the other side of the storm.

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